1992 911 America Roadster

It's going to take a little more work to get this one sold

The 964 America Roadster is a limited-edition cabriolet variant of the 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet, with only 250 units built exclusively for the North American market. It features a wide Turbo-style body, Turbo-spec suspension, brakes, and 17” Porsche Cup wheels, giving it an aggressive yet sleek look. While the rest of the world knew this as the 964 Carrera 2 “Turbo-look,” the American Roadster was billed as an homage to the iconic lightweight Glaser-bodied 356 “America Roadster.”

This 1992 911 America Roadster is finished in Black over a Black Supple Leather interior, shows 28,000 miles on the odometer, and is equipped with a Tiptronic automatic transmission. Side note: when I started tracking these over a decade ago, I honestly thought they were all Tips, as I had never seen a manual. But they do exist.

The Black exterior appears to show some wear on the front bumper and hood although the seller notes paint protection film. Maybe the marks are just in the film? Nothing crazy, but worth noting. Also worth noting are the aftermarket 18” Speedline-style wheels instead of the standard Cup wheels. The seller also includes paint meter readings but it is hard to tell which panels the readings are from and which readings are of a front panel covered in film and which ones are not.

The interior looks to be in very nice condition and pictures of the engine and undercarriage are very nice as well. The seller mentions that the car has been serviced although there are no service records other than the 2 on the CarFax.

This America Roadster failed to sell at a final bid of $82,000, but is currently listed in PCARMARKET’s Deal Tank with a Buy Now of $125,000. That price would put this up there on the higher end of comps, but would take some better photos of paint meter readings and service records to get there, IMO. More info could make this a winner for sure.

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