2005 Carrera GT

"Why didn't this car go for more?"

“Why didn’t this car go for more?” That’s the text I received from Mr. Whitlock a few hours ago after this 2005 Carrera GT sold at a final bid of $1,199,999. A fair question as average prices for Porsche’s mid-engined V10 supercar have hovered around $1.4m to $1.5m over the last twelve months. Lucky for him, I know a guy.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a high of $1.7m for a Fayence Yellow example with 3,500 miles and a low of $930,000 for a 16,700-mile GT Silver Metallic over Dark Grey example. Quite the spread that appears to be dictated by mileage, original color, history, and completeness.

Our Spotlight car is finished in GT Silver Metallic over an Ascot Brown leather interior and shows 7,000 miles on the odometer. The car is presented in very nice condition with only minimal wear on the paint protection film and slight creasing on the seats; nothing more than you would expect for any car with some miles. The car comes with books, one key, roof straps, tow accessories, and service history from New Country Porsche of Greenwich. Missing, however, is the luggage set and record of a major engine-out service.

So why didn’t this car go for more? Well, let’s look at the last few sales with comparable mileage. In August we saw a similar example finished in GT Silver over Ascot with 5,400 miles hammer at $1,350,000. This particular example received a recent engine out service and had its complete luggage set. At the other end of the mileage bookend we have a 2005 example with 8,700 miles finished in Fayence Yellow with an engine out service completed in 2019, This car sold for $1.4m.

With that being said, for a 7,000-mile example in standard GT Silver without luggage or major service to hammer at $1.2m seems quite reasonable now, as if it checked all of the boxes, it would have been closer to $1.3m. A fair price for a nice car in today’s market.


There are many Porsche Centers here in the US, and then there are PORSCHE Centers. Those who have a deep-rooted passion for the history of the marque that shows through everything they do, especially their choice of inventory. And Porsche Salt Lake City is one such PORSCHE Center. Serving the Salt Lake Valley since 1958 as one of the first Porsche dealers in the United States, a quick browse of their inventory lets one know just how dedicated to the brand this group of Porsche enthusiasts is.

Take for example this 1993 964 Carrera RS 3.8. Produced as the base to homologate Porsche’s legendary 3.8 RSR race car, the Carrera RS 3.8 was the ultimate evolution of the standard RS as it shed around 600 lbs of weight while increasing horsepower to 300 for a most visceral driving experience. And with only 55 units produced, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another for sale on the showroom floor of another Porsche Center.

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